Raycer is your way to professional sound without the hassle!

You want to produce electronic music (Hip Hop, Pop Soul, House) without any professional knowledge and a recording studio?

In Raycer you will find everything you need for fast and high-quality production of electronic modern music, ranging from „one touch“ arranger styles to complex synth systems as well as a service for mix and master, social network for contact with Raycer and other musicians and many others options and tools.


To solve the problem of labor intensity and high cost of electronic music Audio production, Raycer has created and is constantly developing a new technology of the fabrication of multi samples- advanced optimized modeling (AOMS, Raycer).

all in one

With Raycer you will get an "all in one solution" everything to realize your ideas and desires.

new standards

Raycer sets new standards in sound quality and production processes.


Raycer is a community where everyone helps everyone.

Quick Styles and Templates

One Tuch Drums

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It is a versatile combination of four drum instruments and sequencing capabilities. Unlike traditional loops, our sequences offer quick and straightforward rhythm pattern adjustments across these four parts. Moreover, you have immediate access to a wide range of sounds, eliminating the need to delve into your hard drive to alter timbre and character. Simply explore the keys to find the sound that suits your creative desires, and customize it to your liking

One tuch Styles

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Introducing 'One Touch Style' or 'Quick Style,' meticulously designed to help you instantly discover the style that aligns perfectly with your creative vision. This innovative tool is a fusion of four sequences and musical instruments, expertly crafted to bring your arrangement to life in the desired style. It consists of a bass-line and three accompaniment parts. You have the freedom to select any tone or tempo, giving you full control over every note in the sequence as well as the tempo. Notably, you can work with harmonies ranging from simple majors and minors, and even choose intervals based on your current mode or preference.

Bass Synts

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In addition to its versatility, the Bass Synth offers the convenience of generating a bass-line with just a single key press. However, through the advanced Alchemy architecture, we take it a step further. With Alchemy, we can simulate the power of four oscillatory bass synthesizers, granting you even more depth and flexibility in crafting your bass-lines.


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"Unlike 'One Touch Style,' the Chorder offers the freedom to play harmonies of any complexity. Additionally, it provides four harmonic accompaniment parts that can be customized to match your creative vision perfectly.4 parts include pad, arpeggio, and rhythmic patterns of harmonic,accompaniment.However, it's important to note that the Chorder doesn't include a dedicated bass part. To address this, we recommend using the Bass Synth in conjunction with the Chorder, allowing you to add a rich and complementary bass line to your compositions


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This amalgamation combines all four of the aforementioned tools, accompanied by a rich selection of presets for plugins. This integration empowers you to efficiently and confidently produce your desired compositions without the need to navigate through various styles separately. It streamlines your creative process, saving you valuable time and ensuring your music aligns with your vision seamlessly.

AOM Samples already passed through all the necessary filters and do not need further audio processing, which will allow you to produce music 10 or even more times faster and get a high-level professional master track.

This revolutionary technology allows you to use high-quality instruments with optimized sounds from the very beginning of your production and works much more efficiently, error-free in an audio technical sense and reduces the cost and working time.

The use of Raycer AOM samples or Sampler instruments in your music production enables you to preview the final master of your track as you work, with immediate feedback from every change.

Raycer also provides solutions for completely beginners and offers you a help service for mix and master if you yourself are not sure how to put an end in your track.